Hong Kong

IMG_4509Hong Kong holds a special place for me in terms of my career and its development. It is the first city in Asia in which I was invited to perform. I was engaged to conduct a concert back in 2008 with the Hong Kong Bach Choir, comprised of singers both native and expats, in a program of choral repertoire based on folk music from a variety of both Eastern and Western cultures. I arrived in Hong Kong wide eyed and overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the city and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Despite having traveled throughout Europe and having spent considerable time studying in Germany, I felt, for the first time as though I was really in a “foreign” place. So much about the city and its people was unlike anything that I had experienced previously, and I luxuriated in the differences. As a musician I was welcomed warmly and had a wonderful time rehearsing and performing with the Bach Choir. This experience was the catalyst to my now spending most of my time performing, teaching, and living in Asia.

Introduction to Hong Kong and Asia

This blog will concern itself with my musical gigs in Hong Kong. The two ensembles that I have directed there are the Bach Choir and the Sacred Singers. In addition I worked with members of the Hong Kong Philharmonic and with an orchestra made up of students and local professionals.