A Musical Life in Pictures

This photo-essay represents some of my “musical portraits” taken at various points in my life.  I believe that I have been shaped by, and developed my identity through a life-long and deep connection with music.  Music is at the core of my being, and a constant companion.  As a musician, artist,and especially being a conductor, my body is my instrument. Each picture represents a snapshot of my growth (physical, intellectual and emotional), as well as my identity, as a result of my engagement with music.  It was about the age of three that I first remember being aware of my interest in, Spiritual connection to, and obsessive passion for music, and that I was drawn to it naturally.  I think, therefore, that (with a bit of imagination) that these pictures show the knowledge, skill, confidence, passion, wisdom, and love for the art that I have experienced and accumulated over the course of my life, through practicing and performing music.